Ali McD Makeup School

Choose a rewarding and engaging career in makeup!

The fashion and makeup industry is vibrant and dynamic and always offering new and exciting challenges but to make it in this competitive industry you need to start with the right training. Ali McD Makeup School provides the very best of foundations for aspiring makeup artists covering all the techniques and skills you need to get started. Our aim is to provide students with the confidence and skills to begin a career in the makeup industry as a professional makeup artist.

Aliana Regos / Tutor

Aliana Regos, founder of Ali McD Makeup School, has worked extensively throughout New Zealand, America, and Japan as a makeup artist and stylist. Aliana is highly respected within the makeup and modelling industry and has enjoyed a long standing association with Dunedin's ID Fashion week.

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  • Annie Trengrove / Testimonial

    I still find it hard to believe that I actually attended your beginner’s makeup class at the age of 47! I travelled every week from Wanaka for the evening classes. I was so nervous walking into the class but then you turned around and gave me the most beautiful reassuring smile. Your product knowledge of Revlon is so amazing and I learned so much from your incredible experience in this industry. When I finished I felt more confident and happy than I dreamed I ever would. Ali, thank you for your wonderful training, care and ongoing support. I look forward to learning more from you.

  • Pip Wilson / Testimonial

    During 2011 I decided to add another string to my bow by enrolling in the beginners makeup class offered through Ali Mcd. Aliana’s infectious personality, enthusiasm and skill made the classes so enjoyable that I had no hesitation in enrolling in and completing the advanced class. By the end of the courses I had accumulated not only a new passion but also a beautiful kit of Revlon makeup, and a wealth of invaluable industry experience. I can totally recommend both the beginners and advanced makeup courses offered through Ali Mcd – they’re fantastic! Revlon is Fantastic!

  • Katy Parsons/ Testimonial

    I have wanted to be a makeup artist since I was a teenager, so finally I decided 2011 would be the year to finally do it. I was planning on moving to a big city to do a big, expensive makeup course but instead thought I’d give Ali McD a try first. It was affordable and Aliana is known as a fantastic and very experienced makeup artist. Not only did I learn many incredibly valuable skills from Aliana, she also saw my potential and was, and still is, incredibly supportive of me [...] I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ali McD Makeup Academy (and often do) to anyone that’s interested.

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Revlon cosmetics are recognised as the industry standard for makeup artists everywhere.

Ali McD is the only makeup school in Australasia to be sponsored by Revlon and we use their products exclusively. This generous sponsorship allows the Ali McD makeup students to practice with beautiful products of the highest quality. The makeup provided is part of the Ali McD starter kit and is for students to keep at the end of their course.
Visit the Revlon website. We hope their beautiful makeup inspires you as much as us at Ali McD.